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Reading Tolkien

May 8, 2022

In this episode Sridhar and I discuss the upcoming Amazon show, Rings of Power, and the prequel to Game of Thrones - House of the Dragon. The discussion turns to the variant means by which Tolkien and Martin approach morally dubious characters like Gollum, or the Lannisters. Both of us are unrepentent in our bias to...

Mar 13, 2022

Join Ben and Sridhar as they discuss Chapters 1-4 of the Quenta Silmarillion. They touch on the nature of the Valar, the status of The Silmarillion as a text within the world of The Lord of the Rings, the various theodicies presented in the text, and the efficacy of mythological vs. theological approaches to the text.

Mar 6, 2022

Join Professor Brian Rosebury (Tolkien: A Cultural Phenomenon) and myself as we discuss Tolkien and tragedy, morality and moral judgement. 

Brian's details can be found here:

Jan 10, 2022

Join us for a new episode in which we review the Nature of Middle-earth with Daniel Stride. 

Daniel's blog may be found at