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Reading Tolkien

Jan 10, 2022

Join us for a new episode in which we review the Nature of Middle-earth with Daniel Stride. 

Daniel's blog may be found at

Dec 13, 2021

Join us for the inaugural episode of the Silmarillion Sessions. We begin with the myth of Creation, the Ainulindalë. We touch on the importance of beauty and goodness, and ask whether these two concepts can be equated in the story, and we consider the role that Plato’s ideas about the Forms might play in...

Sep 5, 2021

Here I discuss Tolkien with @RealTomEmanuel, a minister and Tolkien Scholar. We touch on recent trends in the reception of Tolkien, Tolkien studies, and beauty of The Lord of the Rings. Please join us for a great discussion!

Aug 4, 2021

Listen in as Ben and Sridhar discuss the Rings of Power in Tolkien's world.

Jun 18, 2021

Today I present an interview with scholar and writer Dawn Walls-Thumma. We discuss Dawn's essay 'Attainable Vistas: Historical Bias in Tolkien's Legendarium as a Motive for Transformative Fanworks' published in Volume 3 of the Journal of Tolkien Research.

We discuss a range of topics, including historical bias in...